RCOG World Congress 2023
Abstracts presented by the Perinatal Institute

Title Presentation / Poster
1 Near-miss audit of SGA babies not detected during antenatal surveillance 12 June, Stream 4
2 Fetal growth velocity and perinatal outcome 13 June, Stream 1
3 Most fetal weight standards miss increased stillbirth risk in obese mothers’ pregnancies PP.0041
4 SGA related stillbirth risk according to INTERGROWTH-21st vs GROW fetal weight standards PP.0059
5 Fetal growth velocity: which method of assessment can best identify stillbirth risk? PP.0134
6 Accelerated growth identifies non-LGA pregnancies at risk of shoulder dystocia EP.0045
7 Effect of new electronic chart on fetal growth surveillance and management EP.0046
8 Late onset growth restriction preceding stillbirth in India: Hadlock vs GROW chart EP.0128
9 Delivering small babies at term: 5 year progress towards national targets EP.0150