GROW 2.0 Launch in Aotearoa New Zealand

The GAP team are preparing to launch GROW 2.0 in 2023 to all NZ users, either as a standalone system or integrated with electronic records.

Based on international experience gained with the current GROW applications, we have developed a substantially upgraded web-based system which puts fetal growth surveillance at the centre of the mother’s care pathway during pregnancy.

This is achieved by an enhanced dataset and functionality, the key elements of which include-
1. Recording, identifying and highlighting risk factors from early in pregnancy, and facilitating their regular review and formulation of action plans according to evidence based guidelines.
2. Auto-plotting fetal measurements and displaying their results against the pre-defined, customised growth standard generated for the individual pregnancy, with prompts for clinicians to review their management if the fetus’ growth deviates from the expected.
3. Off-line functionality to allow clinicians to continue working during times of poor signal, allowing the visual of the most up to date chart.
4. A mother’s app in a read only format with accompanying information and advice, to ensure that mothers have access to their chart and are informed of the care they are receiving.
5. The comprehensive information recorded during pregnancy will be stored and will facilitate audit and evaluation of the care provided.

GROW 1.5 GROW 2.0
Fully Electronic only with API
Auto plotting of EFW and SFH only with API
Plot Twins X
Integrated GAP SCORE X
Alerts clinicians if growth deviates X
Mothers electronic chart X
Provides care summaries for transfer of care X
Bespoke to NZ populations and cultures X

GROW 2.0 FAQ's

Why does GROW 2.0 ask for previous maternal weight?
We know that as maternal weights change the centile attributed to that pregnancy also changes. For an accurate birth weight centile for a previous pregnancy the weight of the mother at that time should be used rather than the current weight.

What if the mother has not got access to the internet to view her chart?
We know that many women may not want access to their chart digitally or will not have access. In these instances, an up-to-date chart can be printed for the mother to keep.

Will GROW 2.0 be in line with our upcoming NZ SGA guidance?
Yes, the team are working closely with the guideline committee to ensure that GROW 2.0 is consistent with the new national recommendations.

Why does GROW 2.0 need individual logins?
GROW 2.0 is a patient identifiable system unlike GROW 1.5. As there is sensitive information each user requires their own credentials to ensure there is no improper use. The system has full audit functions. Using the patient identifiable information means that records can be recalled very easily unlike a lost paper chart which has to be reproduced.

How do I access training for GROW 2.0?
Training will vary depending upon whether your District uses the standalone app or integrated software. Once there is a go live date planned all users will be able to join virtual sessions or watch a video on its use.

How do I know if growth is normal?
GROW 2.0 calculates the growth rate between consecutive measurements automatically from the entries made to the system and alerts the clinician within the tooltip if growth appears to be abnormal (slow or accelerated).

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