Standardised Clinical Outcome Review (SCOR)

SCOR is a software tool and process for unit based comprehensive reviews of perinatal deaths. It was developed in response to the findings of a series of regional confidential enquires into stillbirths and neonatal deaths which showed wide variation in the quality of the case reviews and the ability for clinicians to learn from adverse outcomes.

The application facilitates systematic examination of each case, produces a taxonomy of substandard care factors, and prompts an action plan to facilitate implementation of learning points.

SCOR has been piloted successfully in 17 NHS units. A summary is available here: SCOR Pilot.
It has also been evaluated at McMaster University, Canada and found to be useful for root cause analysis and to support multiprofessional reviews

SCOR 2016 was upgraded to comply with the recommendation of the Department of Health / SANDS Perinatal Review Task and Finish Group and latest guidance from national organisations including NICE, the Royal Colleges and the National Screening Committee.

SCOR 2017 has been further upgraded to:

  • Include live automated reporting, enabling clinicians to pull their own reports on detailing standards of care, identifying system failures and areas for improvement, and providing quality assurance of the review process.
  • Support uploading of files for clinical review e.g. pathology reports, growth charts, ultrasound images, CTGs etc. This allows SCOR to assist in co-ordination of the care provided following a perinatal death. Accordingly, SCOR is now also CE marked as a medical device.
  • Cover the main themes of the NHS England Saving Babies' Lives Care Bundle.
  • Step-by-step review of key aspects of care
  • Identification of risk factors for mother and baby
  • Taxonomy of substandard care issues
  • Action Plan to help implement learning points
  • Printable case summary
  • Live automated frequency reports
  • Standardises case reviews and reporting
  • Fosters blame free, objective assessment
  • Identifies substandard care and system failures
  • Facilitates multi-disciplinary learning
  • Follows national recommendations for reviews (including facilitating parental engagement and external review)
  • Supports duty of candour regulation
  SCOR is offered as a licensed service which includes
  • Training of core staff
  • N3 network based web application
  • Secured access user accounts
  • Ongoing support via telephone / email / WebEx

A list of forthcoming SCOR WebEx training sessions is available here:
For further information, please write to or call Tel:0121 607 0101