Princess Royal Training Awards are granted to organisations that have successfully demonstrated a commitment to investing in people. A key motivation and driver for the Perinatal Institute is the realisation that many adverse pregnancy outcomes are potentially avoidable through better teaching and training. Our suite of Maternity Notes, the Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP) and other initiatives are all underpinned by robust training with the aim of reducing maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality.

One such initiative was the NHS funded Saving Babies in North England (SaBiNE) project: a structured training programme whereby 52 designated clinical midwives (DCM) across 40 Trusts received intensive training on the elements of GAP. The DCMs were responsible for cascading this comprehensive training programme to all clinicians, ensuring effective implementation within their local NHS Trust.

SaBiNE lead midwives at a North of England workshop

The ceremony at St James Palace was attended by Susan Turner (left, accepting the Award from HRH Princess Royal), Emily Butler and Professor Jason Gardosi

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