Proposed GAP program for Australia

The Australian Senate has recently conducted a public Inquiry into Stillbirths in Australia, after stillbirth rates there have remained essentially the same for over 10 years. The Perinatal Institute has provided evidence to the Inquiry and Professor Gardosi has testified at its Hearing on 7 September 2019 (see transcript).

The Senate select Committee on Stillbirth Research and Education issued its report in December 2018 which is available here.
The Perinatal Institute’s contribution is summarised in Chapter 4, pages 51-52:

In response to the report, the Australian Minister of Health is developing a National Action and Implementation Plan to which the Perinatal Institute has prepared a submission, offering an Australian version of the GAP program along the lines of the successful SaBiNE project in the North of England and the recently commissioned SaBiNZ project in New Zealand.